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Dufêtre Michat, entreprise spécialisée dans la fonderie de précision sur Lyon et sa région

and Toolings

  • Dufetre Michat - métier Design of die-cast prototype parts

    Design of die-cast prototype parts

    Thanks to the kwowledge of the whole Dufêtre&Michat team, based on 60 years experience, we are able to offer our customers the best advices for the design of their parts.
  • Dufetre Michat - métier Design & make cast parts toolings

    Design & make cast parts toolings

    Aluminium, steel, cast-iron
    The historical knowhow of Dufêtre & Michat has led us to master all the techniques for designing foundry tools (sand, shell, etc.).

    The contribution of CAD allows us to guarantee our customers the perfect conformity of the most complex shapes to be produced.

    We are also proactive when it comes to improving the operation or reliability of foundry tools.
  • Dufetre Michat - métier Composite materials molds

    Composite materials molds

    compression, pré-forming
    Thanks to the confidence of our partners, we have developed a strong know-how in the design of various tools used in the laboratory and in production.

    Our molds make it possible to produce composite parts by compression.

    We also make pre-forming molds.
  • Dufetre Michat - métier Machining of all types of prototype parts (especially cast parts)

    Machining of all types of prototype parts (especially cast parts)

    Our team has a very strong know-how in the machining of prototype foundry parts (20 years of seniority in average).

    The balancing of the parts before starting any machining, with the aim to respect the tolerances of the drawing, despite the important dispersions of the blank castings, is mastered internally.

     We can offer you a prototype RETEX (Feedback) for your production machine, in order to make your serial production ramp-up as successful as possible.
  • Dufetre Michat - métier 3D dimensionnal control

    3D dimensionnal control

    In order to provide our customers with a complete service, we are able to produce and provide dimensional reports.

    The prototypes produced will be dimensionally inspected internally.
  • Dufetre Michat - métier All types of surface treatments and painting

    All types of surface treatments and painting

    Thanks to our network of partners all located in a close geographical radius, we are able to carry out surface treatments (chrome plating, anodizing, etc.) in record time.

    We carry out in-house polishing of metal parts.

    We also have the possibility of painting your prototype parts, in particular according to processes validated for the military sector.

  • Dufetre Michat - métier Our manufacturing workshop

    Our manufacturing workshop

    We are equipped with 4 CAD-CAM stations for the design of prototype parts and tools. The CAM stations allow us to program the tool paths. 

    In addition to the design office, our main production equipment is as follows:

    • 8 NC machines (up to 2000 x 1000 x 1000)
    • 1 digital lathe/turning
    • Woodworking machines for traditional modeling
    • 3D dimensional control bench on marble
    • Faro scan arm for in-line control
    • 1 ton bridge
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